Chief operator of carbon chain optimization management in China Chief operator of biomass boiler trusteeship in China

It is mainly engaged in the development, application and industrialization of biomass direct combustion technology and biomass gasification polygeneration technology. It is an investment platform for biomass application technology development and biomass application projects.

Main business of the company: development, production and sales of biomass fuel (including solid compressed fuel, biodiesel, fuel ethanol, dimethyl ether, biogas, etc.); development, production and sales of biomass fuel production equipment; research and development, production and sales of biomass fuel application stoves and biomass boilers; development, production and sales of biomass power generation equipment; energy saving transformation of boilers Boiler heating operation management service; energy crop cultivation and sales; energy algae cultivation and sales; energy contract energy management; energy saving services; enterprise carbon emission consulting services. Wholesale and retail of hardware, electromechanical and chemical products (excluding dangerous goods); import and export of goods.

Zhongsen Agriculture
Yalong Charcoal Industry
The main products include biomass carbon fertilizer, biomass liquid fertilizer, energy crop seedling planting, tea development and sales, agricultural tourism, soil heavy metal pollution control.
Zhongsen Agriculture
wheat seedling
Zhongsen biomass liquid fertilizer
State banquet Moringa
Sprout vegetables

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of biomass collection and processing equipment, energy-saving equipment, biomass gasification equipment and high specific surface area adsorption material production equipment, realizing the substitution of traditional coal direct combustion and biomass direct combustion heating and power generation technology, with significant social and economic benefits.

biomass boiler
Gas water heat pipe heat exchanger
Liquid heat pipe heat exchanger
The main products are biochar extraction, biochar activation, machine-made carbon processing, carbon black processing, capacitance electrode carbon processing.
Yalong charcoal industry
Carbon gasification equipment
Activated carbon
Machine made carbon